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Questalyze - online surveys   Questalyze - online surveys

Online surveys and analyses

With Questalyze you can simply and quickly create internet based surveys. In addition to being a standard survey system, Questalyze has three integrated special modules - see below.

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Surveys - many uses

The main purpose of a survey is to get feedback on something, from someone. Here are some examples:

Customer surveys / measurement and analysis of customer satisfaction
A customer satisfaction survey will identify how satisfied your customers are with your products and services. At same time it will help you to understand what you will have to do to encrease customer satisfaction and loyalty. In the long term this will strengthen the relationship with your customers while increasing the chances that your customers still prefer you over your competitors. Questalyze has a module for measurement and analysis of customer satisfaction.

User or member surveys
A member survey is a great way to enter into dialogue with your members - while you get a systematic collection of your members' ratings, needs, expectations and priorities.

Employee surveys / work environment surveys
An employee survey can point out what you have to do to create an even better workplace. A such survey may also be your company's tool to identify and solve work environment problems. Questalyze HR/HSE is developed specifically for this purpose.

Website evaluations
Answers from a website evaluation survey can be used to get a quick overview of how to improve the website. Ask your users, you may be surprised.

Course evaluations
Course- or study evaluation surveys can be a useful tool to improve (or uncover deficiencies in) the content, teaching or teaching methods.

Market research
A market survey is normally conducted to increase knowledge of market conditions. A market survey makes it possible to replace assumptions with facts.

Knowledge tests
Questalyze can be fed with questions with pat answers. You will then be able to create your own quizzes, knowledge tests, etc, and finally you will be able to create a report showing who has answered right and wrong.

Enrollment forms / Registration forms
Create you own registration forms for courses, conferences, courses, etc. With Questalyze's response notification feature you may receive all registrations by email (or compiled in registration reports).

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